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Andy Greco

Hello world! I spend most of my time as an aerospace engineer for Boeing in the 737 MAX Final Assembly facility. I use a unique certification called Material Review Board (MRB) to create dispositions for the systems and structure of the airplane. I came to this point in my career by amassing experience as a pilot, motorcycle mechanic, flight test engineer, airport compatibility engineer, aerodynamics engineer, and over a decade of work in most aspects of commercial airplane design, fabrication, and operation. I started flying airplanes when I was 16 years old and I am a Certified Flight Instructor. This year I’ll be graduating with a Master’s degree in Space Systems through Florida Tech Online. I can’t seem to get enough of the world of aerospace.

In 2023 I was selected to be an Analog Astronaut crewmember and the Lead Engineer for the 15th expedition to the Mars Society’s Arctic Research Station. This Mars Analog station is located above the Arctic Circle on the rim of the Haughton Crater on Devon Island, Nunavut. The station is located in a place on Earth that is very Mars-like where scientists and engineers test out the technology, techniques, and equipment humans will use to live and work on Mars. Check out more on the Blog and the links below.