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Papers, books, training, and other things I’ve been studying/doing over the past few months to get ready for the expedition.


  1. An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth by Col. Chris Hadfield
  2. Mars On Earth by Dr. Robert Zubrin
  3. The Case For Mars by Dr. Robert Zubrin

Research and Journal Publications

  1. Lessons Learned: The Design, Fabrication and Deployment of the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station by Kurt A. Micheels SAE Transactions, Vol. 113, Section 1: JOURNAL OF AEROSPACE (2004), pp. 335-349
  2. Mission Planning and Re-planning for Planetary Extravehicular Activities: Analysis of Excursions in a Mars-Analog Environment and Apollo Program by Jessica J. Marquez, Dava J. Newman SAE Transactions, Vol. 115, Section 1: JOURNAL OF AEROSPACE (2006), pp. 531-539
  3. Welcome to Mars by Bob Riddle Science Scope Vol. 35, No. 5, Science and the Common Core Language Arts Standards (JANUARY 2012), pp. 84-87
  4. Site Planning and Design for First Expeditionary Lunar and Mars Missions by Sonja Holmes, Kurt Micheels, Ruthan Lewis SAE Transactions, Vol. 113, Section 1: JOURNAL OF AEROSPACE (2004), pp. 1207-1218

Training and Diet

  1. Deadlifts – 3×8 at 65lbs, progressing in 10lb increments
  2. Barbell rows – 3×10 at 55lbs
  3. Overhead press – 3×12 at 55lbs
  4. Walking, jogging – 2-3 miles/day which includes all walking
  5. Hiking and camping around the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains.
  6. Diet of no sugar, low to no cholesterol or red meat, high fiber. Not tracking carbs or calories.