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2 Days away


Monday – Terry arrives in Yellowknife. Tuesday – Terry gathers supplies, Caleb and Andy arrive in Yellowknife at midnight. Wednesday 11am – all gear and food must be staged for the cargo flight, Oliva and Andrew arrive that afternoon, after the flight departs. Thursday – we spread out Andrew and Olivia’s gear among the 5 crew members and buy any last minute items so we each have a bag less than 60 lbs. Friday – 8am departure for Resolute.

I maxed out the shopping cart on the Canadian Walmart website with over 350 items. Toilet paper did not make the list, but it got us most of the food we’ll need, we’ll get the rest from other grocers in Yellowknife. I should say Terry, our XO, will get the rest. The shuffling of flights that landed us with a 60lbs/person limit has caused us to put our gear and food on a separate flight leaving Yellowknife for Resolute on the 12th. We had originally planned to provision as a full crew in Yellowknife over the course of 2.5 days and carry everything we would need from Yellowknife to Resolute on the 14th. The past week had us doing a bit of preplanning on the fly. Terry is headed to Yellowknife first, tomorrow evening, from San Francisco. I’ve ordered most of our food for him to pick up on the 11th at 11am, he’ll have to scrounge around the city to fill in those last items that I couldn’t get on the list. Some item’s availability changed between the time I started making the order and when I placed it. There are several other grocers in the city, but this is a task only Terry can do because Caleb and I don’t arrive until midnight on the 11th, early morning on the 12th. We’ll get a few hours of sleep and then get all the items to our staging area by the deadline of 11am on the 12th. The stores open at 9am, so we’ll have a last chance to run in for anything we feel we need. There isn’t any room to screw this up, so I have a huge buffer of supplies and we will have too many calories to consume (toilet paper notwithstanding, we’ll get it). The flights have to be on time, our bags need to arrive in Yellowknife with us, my name on my ticket needs to match my passport, it didn’t. Did you know my name is actually Andrew? Too many letters, and I introduce myself too often as Andy, so when our flights were booked, that’s what the ticket said. That’s all set.

It’s a mad dash to Wednesday at 11am. The majority of the issue is focused around that time. The 3 of us arriving first will have our gear loaded in with the cargo flight at 11am, and we’ll keep a small carry on bag for the 14th. The flight to Resolute on the 14th limits us to 60lbs each. That’s a heavy bag, but I want to be as light as possible on the 14th so I can spread out Andrew and Olivia’s gear and add any last minute equipment or food for the push further North. Once we arrive in Resolute, that is when we start eating into our planned food. That night, the 15th at midnight, opens our window to fly to the crater (there is no sunset). If the weather is bad, we will sleep in the hangar as long as we can handle it because when the pilots say we’re going, we’re on the plane and off to adventure.

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  1. The excitement is real! I can already see the trust that is necessary for everyone to have in order for this to work smoothly. Anyone who has control issues, like me, would have a difficult time being a part of this group. Iā€™m looking forward to reading about the struggles and successes.

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