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Day 5 Pre-sim


It’s hard to believe 5 days have gone by. But we’ve done so much. We have fresh baked bread from our bread maker, although we have repurposed the lab as the kitchen. The status of all the ATVs and generators is known, we have built a list of engineering parts and supplies that we would like to have sent to us if at all possible. Olivia and Andrew will be departing before me, Terry, and Caleb so we could have some parts delivered if we can get them up to Resolute in time, but I’m not planning on getting anything.

Andrew, Caleb, and I build a runway. It’s easy, we just had to smash some prominent rocks with a sledge hammer. We line the runway with 6 black bags filled with rocks. The Buffalo Air pilots showed us where they would want to land. It is 528 feet long and 58 feet wide. Kenn Borek Air will also be practicing some approaches at some point in the future but they aren’t planning to land. If they show up, they will be the first people we will have seen in some time.

We continued to ventilate the 2nd floor and clean. I was considering washing some laundry today but we didn’t have time. I still have half of my clothes to work through. The forecast shows overcast for the next 10 days. We can feel the weather turning. We wont be enjoying any more sun I suspect. It is already 10 degrees colder and I’m wearing some more layers to bed.

The wind is mostly from the northwest which is where we placed the turbine. It it spinning but not under load, it doesn’t produce enough to be effective beyond charging some other batteries and smaller units until the wind picks up.

After 1pm Andrew makes some comments about lunch gauging the temperature of the team. I push it off because I want to finish as much as I can but we should takes breaks. Lunch is a British meal of fresh bread and beans with a side of seasoned rice.

I hit my knee against the side of the hab on my way in, the same knee that had been bothering me. I hope doesn’t get any worse and I forgot to take anything for it. I’ll try to remember tomorrow morning. After dinner, another British dish of pasta, red sauce, and tuna, Caleb and I get the motivation to try to get an old propane camp shower working. We run all around cobbling together water lines and propane lines and fittings, finally getting everything we needed to make it work. We spill a lot of water down the wall from the second floor, the last thing we need. But we’ll continue to ventilate tomorrow. The shower sort of works, it gets hot, but it’s really sketchy. We’ll figure it out tomorrow, tonight will be an early night.

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