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Day 6 Pre-sim


It is clear how much energy it takes to bake a loaf of bread when you have to control the only source of energy. Our wind turbine works when it’s windy, but the weather has been good for us and bad for producing energy, so we’ve had to rely on the diesel fuel which is our primary source of electricity.

The hot water comes in handy for cleaning dishes. It feels great on our hands. We bake some bread for lunch while Caleb and I go to fetch water. I wear my tennis shoes which I had intended for in hab use only and I get them wet so I switch back to my boots while they dry off.

There is an odd silence around. There is no foliage for the wind to rustle and the running water is too far away to hear. When the wind is calm, you can whisper to each other while outside over an unnaturally far distance. We can hear every little tone and sound that comes from the hab and our equipment. It is very strange and I try to enjoy it because I’ve never experienced anything like it on Earth.

We will stay in the hab tonight. It is very exciting to move our things inside. We test the water system for showers but the hopper is leaking in the attic so we have to pump the water out. The leak is in my room and delays me from setting it up. We break for dinner and a movie, an episode of Aftershock which is about the Nepali earthquake in 2015. Terry’s wife is in it and she was climbing toward Base Camp 1 on a ladder when it hit. Her and her team were stranded for many days before they were rescued.

We have string lights to keep our rooms lit. I already feel like it is helping put me on a good sleep cycle.

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