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Do we have food?


Walmart canceled our food order. Hmm, why did they do that? That was a fun email to read in bed this morning. lt says availability is often the reason for orders to be canceled, but I have a hard time believing they are out of so many different items. Terry was supposed to pick up the order in an hour so placing the order again wont help. The point was to get the order boxed up for Terry to easily move to the staging location today. After a chat with an online agent it turns out they fumbled the payment process on their end (they have the items). The result is Terry has a lot more work to do today to move through the store himself and get all our items. Fortunately for him, the staff is helping.

You might have to rely on your backup plans and improvise when you need to. We planned for this order not being placed to begin with, but we still wanted to help Terry with the compressed cargo flight schedule. He has all day today to provision the items we need. It’s not a small task, but it is possible. When the stores open tomorrow starting at 8AM, Caleb and I will be able to help shop for last minute items and get them to the staging area. Yellowknife is the capital of the Northwest Territories, and is what some would consider a “proper city” at a population of 20,000. If the Walmart is any measure of its size, you’ll get the idea of what kind of options we have for shopping, dining, lodging, etc. I’m repacking again right now with a few changes and I’ll be headed to the airport in 5 hours. I’ll likely update Instagram with the travel. @greco_mars

Did I mention there are no rental cars available in Yellowknife? We planned for that too.

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