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Hab lessons 1


It’s late Friday night and I’m in my bed, I’ve unpacked nearly everything and the room is lit with battery powered string lights that I brought and some that Terry brought for everyone. It gets cold when we aren’t moving around and have settled down for the evening so I have a few layers on in my sleeping bag. The window covers help us fall asleep and I’m feeling very tired before bed for the first time in a while. At 12:33 AM I hear an alarm. We have a lot of equipment, standard smoke detectors, some weather recorders, and a few devices that detect levels of things like CO, Benzine, and Volatile Organic Compounds. The hab does not have a ventilation system, it relies on convection through the main stairs and gaps along the floors and internal walls. The doors are not sealed per se, but they close tightly, and we need to make sure the air inside remains safe to breath. My attention is outside my room and I hear commotion from below, but no shouting or calls to evacuate. I jump out, step into my shoes and out into the darkened common space. Olivia is at the top of the stairs looking down, I ask if everything is ok and she says it is as I walk over to see Andrew coming up the ladder to the second floor. Someone downstairs has installed batteries in a smoke alarm and it alerts as a way to show it is functioning properly. It gives everyone a good practice, and we call it a drill.

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