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Hab lessons 2


Another alarm went off today. This time it was later in the morning when everyone was in the common area outside our rooms. We were eating breakfast. It was the breakfast that caused the alarm. We have an air quality index meter and it was rising along with the pancakes we were making. There is no hood in the kitchen nor in the laboratory to help clear the air. This is a limitation to what we can do with our science and cooking. The cooking part of the mission is given as much thought as anything else (which makes you wonder why they didn’t add a stove hood). We had some camp meals in the beginning because it was easy to make, but the analog Mars missions highlight cooking meals as a way to bond among the crew. We make some really weird (to me) foods, and it all tastes great. Half the time it is a series of canned food on top of some carbohydrate, and it has been a long time since I’ve had a spam sandwich, still delicious. I’ve mentioned we have uncovered food from prior crews. This is a bit of an issue because if the next mission gets canceled, the food might go bad. Much of it is not edible, but whatever we find that doesn’t have an expiration date is up for testing out. Mostly it’s Andrew who tries it. He came in eating some peanuts the first day and we didn’t bring any. He found them with a bunch of decade old Indian Army MREs. They’re pretty good.

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