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One week to go


Things have been accelerating since the crew met up in Seattle. We’ve started daily meetings to complete the last open items and equipment has started to show up at my house. Some of this equipment is less expensive to carry on the plane, while other items have simply been unavailable in northern Canada. Some equipment, like our power storage units, have to be delivered by ground to Yellowknife where we will fly them up to Resolute and then to Devon Island. We’ll also be purchasing a lot of the things we’ll need from stores in Yellowknife. The logistics of packing things in Seattle and picking up other things along the way while the clock is ticking is a challenge of planning and logistics. The last delivery of equipment will be Wednesday.

I’m packing my gear twice. This will help me figure out what items will be packed together and which, like my tools and boot spikes, need to be individually wrapped. I started the first round last night and it seems fine so far but I can tell it’s going to be tough to fit it all into my backpack and duffle bag.

I’ve included a countdown time to our departure from Seattle when we’ll start the 3-4 day trip up to Devon Island. The weather in the Arctic will dictate when we get to land at Haughton Crater. One week to go!

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