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Sol 4


Morning song: Ain’t Too Proud To Beg by The Temptations.

The morning songs are chosen by the crew and we play them at breakfast.

Today I did get to stay in the hab and got a lot of work done getting the engineer shop in order. I have a Gopro set up for timelapse so I hope to have a nice clip at the end to show the progress. There is an incredible amount of equipment here, it’s like a hardware store for nearly everything you might need to take care of the facility. Although there are some strange items, like a rolling cart that sprays paint on the ground. It’s just gravel around here, and it was new in the box. It will be removed from the island. There are around 2 dozen metal electrical boxes for light switches. That’s roughly 2 dozen too many. Much of this equipment is hidden in cardboard boxes, which is food for mold. I’ve tossed out plenty of boxes, burning the old ones and using the new ones to load up the plane when it arrives. We are taking out a lot of equipment and giving it away to folks in Resolute, because they pay a premium on everything. An electric or propane heater would be a desirable item.

EVA #4 was approved late last night and it is a continuation of the expedition out to reach the Haughton River. The destination wasn’t reached due to difficult terrain, but Andrew has found what he was looking for: shatter cones and impact breccia. Both of these are indications that an asteroid had indeed impacted the area (plus, the 20 mile wide crater is good sign). These rocks look like nothing I’ve ever seen before, perhaps I did in a museum at some point, but it’s entirely different to go out looking for them here.

Breakfast was cereal, and Caleb made pizza for lunch and it came out great. He had to experiment with some ingredients because we don’t have cheese. I’m starting to miss foods like vegetables and fruits. We have plenty of dehydrated vegetables of all kinds and canned fruit salad, but it doesn’t cut it. I’m looking forward to some better food in Resolute of all places. Then the further south I go, the better my odds are for finding a massive salad and crab rangoon.

Tonight was a treat: we watched The Dish and after at 11:20PM, we called into a 5th grade class in Australia in Andrew’s city. It was early afternoon tomorrow for them, we’re still in the prior day. We really enjoyed talking with the students, there were over 100 of them from a few other grades. Tomorrow I have more things on my list to complete and I’m looking forward to getting through them. It’s only a few more days before Andrew and Olivia leave on Sunday. Then the 3 of us will be here for another week or so to try to extend the mission to make up for the delay.

The photo above is at 12:15AM when I went to turn off the generator. It’s crazy that the sun just goes around and around. I can’t image what night would look like here, it must be amazing.

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