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Sol 5


Morning song: Open Your Heart by The Human League.

We have no EVA planned for today. We will be fetching water, continuing to repair, and writing reports. Olivia, Terry, and Andrew will be analyzing the samples they recovered from the prior EVAs. The Mars Society is posting a lot of our photos and it’s amazing to see all the interest in the expedition. I think with Starlink, we are the most connected as far as bandwidth goes. We have a LOT of photos. We have Roger to thank, he is part of the crew on Earth in Mission Control. He organized the Starlink for us.

We’ve gotten to naming things. Like the generators and ATVs. They all have names. Jen, Bambi, Thumper, Rachel and Colin. The 2 new ATVs are Sphinx and Pegasus. The incinerator is a toss up between Bernie and Trogdor.

Andrew is taking all his data and plotting it on an expanse of grid paper with pencil. It is coming out to be a work of art. This map is the latest information we have on the crater and will be added to the existing data when we get back.

Breakfast was cereal again, I love cereal. I had a bran bar as a snack, I’m trying to get more fiber. Lunch is beans on toast. Dinner is chili. I think I’m set.

Caleb and I wired up some light fixtures with very hearty metal clad wires. It seems overkill but with the harsh weather it is better than Romex. I got sidetracked by this project, though. The tools and equipment need a lot of work and I can’t start the inventory until I get this done.

I have a relatively short EVA tomorrow that I’m really looking forward to. We’re headed to Trinity Lake and a little beyond to look for some suspect evidence of ancient hydrothermal chimney’s that Andrew had heard of. I’ll be in the suit for this one.

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