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Morning Song: The Chain by Fleetwood Mac.

I went on another EVA today, EVA #5. We ventured about half the distance as the last one and we were looking for what might be an ancient hydrothermal vent. These vents exist all over the world right now at the bottom of the ocean. What is one doing here at a crater? Aliens. No, this area was the bottom of the ocean at one point in the past. Chances are the ground under you was as well. That’s why there is all this limestone out here, limestone is made from layers of ancient ocean creatures. These hydrothermal vents look like tall towers of different rock than the surrounding rock. We see these same features on Mars.

We installed new lights in the top level of the hab and they look great.

The wind was very fast today, 7m/s (16mph). It made it difficult to work outside, so not much outside work was done. I’m almost done with the shop. Tomorrow I plan to half ass the last cabinet and start recording for the inventory. It will be Andrew and Olivia’s last day, they leave on a flight on Monday. This will be the first plane I’ve seen since we got here, save one polar flight contrail we saw overhead a few days ago.

Pancakes for breakfast, chicken and rice soup for lunch, and lentils with bread for dinner. It was a long day. Tomorrow we’ll smash some rocks with hammers and continue preparing for the close out of the simulated mission.

2 thoughts on “Sol 6”

  1. Awesome picture Andy! I’ve been following along and it sounds like a great trip! You’ve really been working hard to setup the future crews for success. The landscape looks nothing like I imagined for being so far North. Enjoy the rest of your time there!

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