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The crew meets


Throughout the day Wednesday we were able to sneak in a few naps here and there to catch up from the 3 hours of sleep we got the night before. We went around to pick up some of the final items and things we decided at the last minute sounded like a good idea to have (more hot sauce, HP, and cajun spice). Baking soda is in low supply in Yellowknife for some reason, but we found some Thursday. The crew finally met in person at 5pm Wednesday at the Chateau Nova and it was a happy moment for sure. Our commander Andrew Wheeler brought some treats from Australia as well as an assortment of small flags representing our crew’s home country. We went to dinner at the Black Knight Pub, a recommendation from one of the folks we met here. They have excellent burgers.

Wednesday night I slept like a rock and woke refreshed. We met for breakfast at the hotel and spent a lot of time talking through the first hours of the mission out of Resolute. We can’t fit all the people and gear in one flight so we will take two from Resolute to the crater. Caleb and I will be landing first and setting up the ATV and assessing the hab and water source. We’ll make our first call back to the crew from our satphones then, but we’ll have been dropping tracking points every 10 minutes from our Garmin devices when we depart Resolute. A few hours later the rest of the crew will land, bringing anything we might need and can find in Resolute. We’ll spend the rest of the time we need to get the hab in a livable condition, powered, dry, and warm. We do not plan on sleeping outside, we will work until we are satisfied with the condition of the hab.

Tonight is our last night in Yellowknife. I bought a big apple for lunch, the last I’ll have for almost a month. The A/C is cold, and I’ll enjoy a hot shower. Expect a short post tomorrow evening, if anything, as that will be our first night in Resolute and we can’t guarantee access to the internet. I’m very excited to show you more from Resolute!

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