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Traveling to Yellowknife


Caleb and I departed last evening from SeaTac airport for a short hop to Vancouver. There were delays throughout the day in Canada and our flight to Yellowknife was delayed by an hour. After some shuffling of our bags around to get them below 50lbs, it was uneventful to Yellowknife save an interesting sight. We departed Vancouver in the dark and climbed up to see another sunset, but we were headed almost due north so the sun didn’t set as fast as I was used to. Actually it started to rise from the northeast without having set in the northwest and in just two hours we had quite a bright view. The sun was below the horizon the whole flight and throughout the evening, but it never got dark.

This morning there is heavy smoke in the air from the wildfires. It causes the occasional cough from everyone. We got all the gear over to Summit Air to get it out to Resolute. We still have to make sure we all come in under 60lbs/bag on Friday and I heard the charter plane might have to split us into two flights Friday and Saturday. We’ll be gathering the last items on our list and the whole crew will be together for the first time this evening.

5 thoughts on “Traveling to Yellowknife”

  1. I didn’t even think about the wildfires affecting the expedition. I know you e covered so many possibilities, so I am wondering what the plan is if you need to travel the last part on separate days? Who goes first and why?

    1. Caleb and I will go to Resolute first, and the rest of the crew after. The smoke isn’t any further north than we are now so once we leave it should be much more clear.

      1. Weighin and prayin your twin otter can carry everything effectively. Done those flights before up north, but nowhere near what you’re doing. Have fun on the adventure, between the smoke making the sky red and untouched craters seems as though Mars is coming to you. Godspeed!

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